Sacramento Police On The Hunt For Right-Wing Terrorists That Distributed These Racist Flyers

Denise Calderon, a local community activist in midtown Sacramento, awoke to find white supremacist leaflets distributed on vehicles and local buildings in her neighborhood this week. The violent flyers include an ending statement advocating for mass murder:

“If you have not secured a body dump-site, do so now! Kidnap, rob, torture for information and execute all Muslims and Latinos. Leave no survivors.”

The papers were printed so they appeared to be signed by an individual named Greg Winthrow, who is a co-founder and president of the Aryan Youth Movement White Student Union. The organization has been around for a long time, and it ended up getting him kicked out of college when he tried forming a school-based chapter of it in the 1980s. It was so bad that the school had to get a restraining order to keep him off campus.

“I’ve been living here six years. We have all kinds of crazy, but this is a different level of crazy,” Miss Calderon said, regarding the hateful flyers that advocated for the most heinous crimes imaginable towards Latino and Muslim residents of the neighborhood.

Winthrow, who is the alleged source of the flyers, was unable to be reached for any comment. An old phone number listed under his name was disconnected. Police are taking the incident seriously; however they have not indicated that they have any evidence as of yet to tie Winthrow directly to them.

The flyers seemed to be distributed overnight, as they were discovered first thing in the morning. Reports were that some of the neighborhood children saw the threats as well on their way to school.

Efforts are underway in coordination with the local police to obtain surveillance video from the areas affected, in an effort to identify the person or people who covered the neighborhood with them.

Featured image via screen capture