Jimmy Fallon Roasts Donald Trump With This Genius Prank Phone Call (VIDEO)

Imagine if Donald Trump rang President Obama. How would that phone call go? Jimmy Fallon decided to act out his answer, with a phone call played out between Fallon’s ‘Drumpf’ and Obama.

After winning Indiana and becoming the presumptive GOP nominee, Trump calls President Obama to chat. The only thing is, Drumpf can seem to string a sentence together without making some sort of bizarre Trump-world word soup.

“Did you see the news? I’m now the Republican President…and come November, I’m gonna be voted Captain America.” Drumpf says out his pouting mouth, set as it is upon an unnaturally orange face.

Obama begrudgingly congratulates the tangerine tycoon on his victory in Indiana, and his becoming the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States. Of course, Drumpf isĀ little confused about exactly what makes the Hoosier state great.

“I love Indiana. The birthplace of Indiana Jones.”

Obama lets the gaffe slide, choosing instead to keep it classy and acknowledge Trump’s success.

“I’ve gotta admit, it was a big win.” he says, to which Drumpf responds.

“It was. And when I’m in charge, America’s gonna start winning, and winning bigly”

Yes, that last word was just spontaneously invented by Drumpf – like President George Dubya Bush and Sarah Palin before him – Donald Trump has seemingly made a campaign platform out of bad English.

Obama calls him to task on the word, asking him if he just actually said “Bigly”, for real. But Drumpf is unashamed.

“That’s right, bigly. And I’m gonna be the bestest, most fantasticest President ever. It’s gonna be yuuuuugical.”

You can see the rest of the brilliant sketch in the video below.

Whatever happens now, one thing is certain, the Republican party is paying the price of inciting fear and prejudice into its supporters. The GOP has turned itself into a party of extremist bigots, led by an extremist bigot. It has become a parody of its own worst elements.