Colbert Asks God Why He Let Trump Be The GOP Nominee And The Response Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

Not many people would have guessed that a racist, misogynist, billionaire demagogue would be the nominee for the Republican Party for president of the United States. To the surprise and disgust of many, including the GOP establishment, (which by the way is quite funny to watch), Donald Trump today is the king of the Republican Party. But in all seriousness, how could such an individual now be so close to the most powerful position on the face of the planet? Stephen Colbert posed this question and looked to God for an answer. Colbert asked:

“God, I have a difficult question for you. God why did you let Donald Trump become the Republican nominee?”

God: “What? Shut the front door no way! You mean Trump the guy with the weird hair who sold steaks at the Sharper Image?

Colbert: Yes “Haven’t you been following the election?”

God: “Oh my god he’s the worst. Stephen, I’ve been pretty¬† busy to follow the election. I’ve been dealing with a supernova, I have to decide who wins the NBA finals. What happened to Jeb? I thought he was a sure thing. What is with you people? Come on, I give you free will and you nominate a guy who looks like a microwave circus peanut? That’s it, I’m taking away your opposable thumbs.”

While this skit is hilarious, it also has a clear message: If God were watching, he would be shaking his head at how the greatest country in the history of the world would consider electing a guy who not only lacks the experience for the office of the presidency, but who is also dangerous to the long fought for democracy of this country.

Let’s all go out and vote this November to ensure this man does not attain power.

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Featured image via video screenshot.