Trump Campaign Hits New Low With These Sexist Anti-Hillary Buttons (IMAGES)

Donald Trump’s campaign has prided itself on launching every kind of dirty trick and bigotry in the book, and now wades into a further sexism row with these anti-Hillary buttons.

Washington Post reporter Jenna Johnson was covering the Trump rally in Indiana this week, when she was astonished to discover the presence of campaign buttons designed to mock Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

One button read:

KFC Hillary Special: 2 fat thighs, 2 small breasts, left wing.

Another bore an image of Mrs Clinton, with the subtitle:

Life’s a b*tch…

Don’t vote for one.

The buttons come as a reminder that Trump’s campaign is a class free zone and no level to which he and his supporters will not stoop to score a political point.

They will mock a person’s disability…

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They will attack a person on the basis on their ethnic origin…


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And of course, Trump and his supporters have zero issue with hitting out with violently abusive sexist language either. Whether it’s Rosie O’Donnell, or Megyn Kelly, or Hillary Clinton – any woman who fails to sufficiently kiss The Donald’s ring is opening herself up to a world of abuse and threats.

Trump has nursed his vendetta against Rosie O’Donnell since 2006, because the comedian criticized him for deciding not to fire Miss USA Tara Conner after drug use, underage drinking and sexual activities were exposed. Ten years later, Trump still takes every opportunity to stick it to O’Donnell whenever he can.  Nice years later, when O’Donnell left The View after suffering a heart attack and stress, Trump said:

I mean she’s a total trainwreck, so let’s see what happens and I hope it works out well. … I like the show a lot, but let’s face it, Rosie is a loser.”

And when Megyn Kelly challenged him during a Presidential debate on describing women as  “fat pigs”,”dogs”,”slobs” and “disgusting animals,” Trump responded:

“Only Rosie O’Donnell.”

But the fact that Kelly dared to call Trump on his abusive language towards women, meant she became his next target. In Trump’s world, Kelly burned him on national television and he will continue to fire back at her until his dying breath. Some highlights of his interminable abuse in the year since include:

While all this is morally repugnant, it really doesn’t bode well for Trump’s chances of securing the White House. He may well have mobilized the hardline of the Republican right – but when he gets up and tries to confront (most likely) Hillary Clinton in the Presidential debates, armed with nothing more than a few dog tired T&A jokes – he’s going to be in serious trouble. And so is the Republican Party.

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