Donald Trump Isn’t Going To Like This Fox News Reaction To His Victory In The Primaries (VIDEO)

While the Trump campaign and its candidate celebrate the surrender of his final real competitor for the Republican nomination, there will be no pleasure about this incredible situation from Fox News.

Charles Krauthammer, a Pulitzer prize winning conservative journalist, and long-term Trump critic appeared on the O’Reilly Factor to pour a bucket of ice water over the celebration — telling O’Reilly that a man of Trump’s temperament has no place in the White House, or anywhere near the nuclear codes.

The interview began with O’Reilly asking Krauthammer to give his view on how the GOP establishment felt about Trump becoming the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States. His guest replied calmly:

“I have no idea what the so-called establishment, if it exists, is thinking. I can tell you what I’m thinking.” And boy, he really did.

O’Reilly asks Krauthammer if he would vote for Trump, who responds that based on the campaign so far:

“I don’t think I’d be capable voting for Donald Trump.”

The Fox host then attempts to sell Krauthammer on Trump, as if all the racist, sexist, frat bro behavior from the candidate so far will all fade away once the race for President moves into it’s next phase. Finally, after working up this fantasy version of Trump, he asks his guest why he wouldn’t vote for Donald if he re-positioned himself as a “practical-popular-conservative.”

“Why couldn’t you vote for him?” O’Reilly asks, before Krauthammer delivers a killer deadpan response with:

“Populist conservative is a contradiction in terms.”

O’Reilly takes his guest to task on the issue, claiming that he (O’Reilly) is a traditional populist — to which Krauthammer replies that he wouldn’t vote for Bill O’Reilly for President either.

“And there’s a second issue.” Krauthammer continues. “His fitness for office. It’s matter of temperament and up until now he’s not impressed me with his temperament.”

“You have to ask yourself, do I want a person of that temperament, control of the nuclear codes. And as of now I have to say no.”

While O’Reilly continues to run defense for the Trump campaign, his guest Krauthammer bangs the final nail into the coffin.

“He wins it by floating conspiracy theories that you know and I know are in the twilight zone. In the same way that he led the birther movement. That wasn’t ancient history. That was five years ago.”

“‘Playing with absurd and kooky conspiracy theories is way beyond being unconventional. It is disturbing. And that’s when you gotta ask yourself.”

“Do you want someone who does that, in control of the nuclear codes?”

It looks like Trump is going to be facing some blowback from conservatives who are sick of their party being hijacked by the lunatic fringe. It’s great news for the Democrats and liberal America, as it means the 2016 election may well see the GOP tear itself apart — leaving the Democratic nominee to a landslide.

Here’s the video:

Featured Image via Screengrab