Amnesty International’s Brilliant ‘Gay Turtle’ Experiment Mocks The Absurdity Of Homophobia (VIDEO)

Amnesty International recently put out a brilliant public service announcement in Turkey, with the hope that they will show people how absurd it is to hate the LGBT community.

The video was filmed in a Turkish aquarium shop over three days and features a “gay” turtle. The organization put eight hidden cameras in the shop and caught a whole lot of dumbf*ckery. In the video, potential turtle buyers walked into the store and over to the tank where the turtles were held. They all seemed extremely eager to purchase one of the adorable reptiles, until the employee at the shop dropped a bomb: the turtle they were interested in was gay.

As soon as the man made the announcement, the customers all reacted with disgust and disbelief. One woman asked,”Is it contagious?” Another said the turtle can’t be both gay and healthy. A few of them even got angry with the employee for mentioning homosexuality.

After all of the homophobes leave the store, the screen turns black and a message from Amnesty International flashes across the screen:

“Homophobia and transphobia has reached absurd levels in Turkey. In last five years, it has caused hundreds of hate crimes and more than 41 hate murders. Love is love. Hate is a choice.”

Turkey has been in the news many times over the last few years for this very reason. In 2014, the Middle Eastern news agency Al Monitor reported about a rise in “honor killings” of homosexuals in the country and they told a story about an underage teenager who escaped his family’s attempt to murder him:

“I was beaten by family members after they learned I was homosexual. After the beating, my father held a gun to my head, put a Quran in my hands and told me to repent. I somehow managed to run away the following day. My family stormed the homes of my friends and battered them, too. I have nowhere to take refuge. My life is in danger.”


The teenager’s story is heartbreaking, but he could still be considered lucky — for now — as many homosexuals in Turkey perish at the hands of their own relatives in “honor killings.”

The video does an amazing job at pointing out how stupid homophobes are. These people were so blinded by their fear and hate that they could not think logically, and that is a common theme among the anti-gay community. They never stop and consider that maybe their beliefs are misguided and based on bullshit; it is as absurd as it is terrifying.


Featured image via video screenshot