‘Donald Trump’ Joins A Pro-Immigration Rally In LA And It’s Glorious (TWEETS)

On Sunday, thousands of protesters came together for the annual pro-immigration march in downtown Los Angeles, but this year it was as much an anti-Trump rally as it was an immigrant rally. The Republican frontrunner even joined the march and it was awesome.

Protesters rolled out a huge balloon effigy of The Donald and marched through the streets chanting about inclusiveness:

The march’s organizer, Francisco Moreno told the LA Times that the billionaire frontrunner has “no heart”:

“He’s plastic, he doesn’t have a heart, he doesn’t have a brain. We’re not going to vote for Trump!”

Another protester, Gloria Carrasco, explained why she was at the rally,”I’m not a drug addict, I’m none of what [Trump] says. I want immigration reform.”

In addition to the pro-immigration theme, protesters were also marching for LGBT rights, worker’s rights, Muslims and against police brutality. One sign read,”Stand with immigrants, black lives, Muslims, LGBTQ people and low-wage workers!”

Los Angeles wasn’t the only city that held marches on Sunday. In Seattle, thousands of people held their own rally, but the positivity of that event is largely being ignored by media outlets. Instead of reporting about how amazing it was that so many people united for the rights of people across the country, they’ve chosen to discuss a few protesters who clashed with police. Yes, nine people were arrested, but this is what the march actually looked like:

That’s what May Day in Seattle actually looked like, not the videos of police violence that you will being played on a loop on the news today.

What was clear from the marches in both cities is that the people of this country do not want the bombastic GOP frontrunner as their president. He does not represent us. He does not love this country or its people. The only thing he wants to do is divide us, and immigrants, workers, Muslims, etc. are the scapegoats he needs to appeal to his “poorly educated supporters.” So, remember that when you go to the polls in November and vote blue.

Featured image via David McNew/Getty Images