WATCH: New Music Video Calls On Supporters To Keep Rallying For Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the upstart and relatively unknown senator from Vermont, has captured the hearts and minds of people from all generations and walks of life, especially young Americans who are the future of tomorrow. He’s ignited a passion for the political process not seen in generations. One of his gifts has been his ability to explain the major issues America is facing today and to offer actual solutions to problems. His straight talk has been refreshing in a political process that borders on the repulsive this election year, especially when it comes to GOP candidates, who often attack each other rather than the issues, making a mockery of the Republican Party and setting a bad example for America. Bernie’s straight talk is summed up in a new song called Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, a rallying call for Bernie’s supporters to continue the march toward the Democratic nomination.

The lyrics in the song include the following:

“He’s come to save democracy from the greed of the plutocracy and slay the phony narrative and make healthcare an imperative. About income inequality and media frivolity, they’ll tell you you’re just out of luck, while Bernie fights for 15 bucks.”

Perhaps the most attractive aspect about Bernie Sanders’ candidacy is his ability to take stances on issues. Unlike most politicians, the senator actually has views on issues and offers solutions rather than what most politicians do, which is to avoid taking a stance for fear of losing votes.

Whether Bernie Sanders is able to win the Democratic nomination or not, he’s already changed America. For example, he taught other politicians that if you criticize Israel for its abhorrent treatment of the Palestinians,  you’ll survive as a politician, despite the seditious influence that Israel lobby groups have over the American political system. Politicians will have to listen to voters who call for universal healthcare and an America first attitude and Bernie Sanders has been able to normalize this talk.

The Bernie Sanders revolution is here.

Watch the video here:


Featured image via video screenshot.