Obama Invades Iran With A Moderate Reformist Government–Defies GOP Logic Of Democracy Via War

How many times more are we going to get to say this before 2017? “While Republicans were bashing Obama for <insert situation here>, he was busy taking care of the same problem they were crying about better than they ever could have hoped to do.” This is a common theme between Republicans and President Obama. Every time President Obama does something good, they call it the biggest disaster imaginable. Do they think we’re not watching?

Remember during President Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal, when Republicans said “going easy” on Iran (translation – not invading their country) would only make them a worse threat?

Huge shock incoming: literally nothing Republicans swore would happen from the Iran deal happened. In fact, yet again the exact opposite happened.

The latest proof of President Obama’s phenomenal and historic success comes with news of the recent Iranian elections. Supporters of Hassan Rouhani swept to power in run-off elections that gave the Iranian moderate reformist movement legislative control of the Iranian parliament for the first time in over 10 years.

Forty-two percent of the total seats were won by Rouhani’s moderate supporters. Independents took nearly 30 percent of the remaining seats, and the vast majority of them are also moderate reformists. This leaves a paltry 28 percent left for the Iranian hardliners, which essentially amounts to a seat at the “kid’s table,” where their rhetoric means diddly squat and they can do no legislative harm.

The landslide success of the Iranian moderate reformists has been linked directly to the success of the nuclear agreement reached between President Rouhani and the United States. The deal brought a great amount of both social and financial relief to the people of Iran, and Rouhani’s big win is being viewed as an endorsement of it by the Iranian people.

The seriousness of this would be difficult to overstate. President Obama not only won on the Iran deal, but he helped move into place a reformist government that could carry things far beyond the deal alone.

As if the electoral results were not enough of a statement for a more moderate future in Iran, the first priority of the new government is going to be a bill to guarantee citizens’ rights. This is IRAN we are talking about. The idea of citizen rights being the first priority for a newly elected government is astounding, considering they were viewed by most of the world as a terrorist state for decades.

While Iran won’t be turning into a mirror image of the West anytime soon, just the fact that the nation took such a huge pivot so quickly is all anyone needs to know when it comes to how President Obama did on the Iran deal.

Republicans just can’t win when it comes to President Obama. Every time they bash the hell out of him in the media for handling a situation poorly, he literally does the exact opposite – quite often simultaneously – while the rest of the world laughs at the GOP. We sure are going to miss him.

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