GOP Outreach To Women Continues As Trump Doubles Down On Sexist Attack On Clinton

Republicans haven’t had a great time attracting women voters in recent history, and it’s about to get much worse for them. Their inevitable nominee is someone who has a more lousy reputation with women than any of the “legitimate rape can be a blessing from God” crowd, and he just can’t seem to stop making sexist comments. It’s no wonder so many Republicans are deciding not to attend the Republican National Convention this year.

Donald Trump recently went after Hillary Clinton with an attack suggesting that if she wasn’t a woman, she wouldn’t even be a legitimate candidate in the presidential race. Trump was asserting that the only thing she had going for her is the fact she would be the first female POTUS, and beyond that she has no qualifications. As you can imagine, it doesn’t go over well with most people when you say a woman has literally no talents or redeeming values beyond her genitalia.

Trump appeared on Fox News Sunday and was given an opportunity to address his poor choice of words by Chris Wallace. Trump did address the issue in the proper Republican way – by doubling down on the offensive comments. “I’m my own strategist, and I like what I said, and it’s true. I only tell the truth, and that’s why people vote for me.” He then suggested that she is just “going to have to take it” because she’s a “strong person.”

So, the new Republican position is that a woman has to just “sit there and take” sexist comments from a guy – otherwise, she isn’t “strong.” Really Donald? You’re kidding, right? Even you aren’t stupid enough to actually say that seriously.

Following up on that verbal disaster, he reiterated his original comment by saying, “The fact is, the only card that she has is the woman’s card. She’s done a lousy job in so many ways and even women don’t like her. They don’t like her. But it is the woman’s card, and she plays it, and I’ll let you know in about six months whether or not she plays it well.”

As is the usual case for Republicans, Trump is totally checked out on the reality of the situation. Recent polling models show that women overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton over Trump by about 60 percent in hypothetical general election scenarios.

In a strange way, Trump has done a great service for America and for the Democratic party. His candidacy has mainstreamed the core values of Republicans, such as bigotry, racism and sexism. He managed to convince Republican voters that it’s ok to embrace these things openly, and require them to also be openly embraced by Republican candidates. In doing so, he may have single-handedly forced the Republican Party to destroy itself from the inside. Maybe Trump will make America great again, after all.

Featured image via wikicommons