The Daily Show Turned Trump’s Own Words Into A Hip Hop Song, And It’s Glorious (VIDEO)

The Daily Show may finally have found a format in which the boastful, bragadocious word soup of Donald Trump actually makes sense: a hip hop video.

One of the show’s finest correspondents, Roy Wood Jr., plays Black Trump, in a video which takes Trump’s own actual words, and forms them into a song called “They Love Me.”

To give you you an example of some of the lyrics, pulled straight from Trump speeches and tweets, here are some sample lyrics:

I was down there at 7/11
Spent almost nothing on my run for president
All the women flirted with me on The Apprentice
If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, then perhaps I’d be dating her

All backed up by a solid hip hop beat and plenty of bling and crotch shots.

Can you believe Ted Cruz who been killing our country?
Lyin’ Ted Cruz used a picture of Melania
Careful Lyin’ Ted, I’ll spill the beans on your woman
I be watching Modern Family, written by a moron
I never liked Bette Midler’s persona (Told ya!)
I have black guys counting my money
The one who can beat Hillary, I’m not a Mitt Romney
Remember I’m the only candidate who’s self-funding (Told ya!)

It’s hard to ignore that Donald Trump really does makes a lot more sense as a Frat Bro hip hop wannabe, than as a presidential candidate. As Roy Wood Jr., tells Daily Show host Trevor Noah:

“Everything Trump says is straight out of a rapper’s play book.”

“He brags about his money, he’s disrespectful to women, and there’s always fights at his concerts.”

In case anyone was wondering if the words actually come from Trump, has painstakingly sourced every last one of Wood’s lyrics, which you can play interactively here. You can enjoy the full video below:

Featured Image via Screengrab