In RARE Case Of Factual Reporting, Fox Shows How Cruz Is Too Stupid To Run For President (VIDEO)

For a party so terribly interested in governing this country, Republicans sure do lack the basic knowledge about how governing actually works. One of the latest examples of this is Ted Cruz and his choice to pick a vice presidential running mate at this stage in the process. In an incredibly rare case of factual reporting, Fox News explained in detail exactly why Cruz completely screwed up by doing this in the video below.

Cruz made a huge deal out of the fact he picked a VP. He had a press conference just to announce it. Signs were made, people were cheering and then it turned out to be … Carly Fiorina? Her low popularity makes her a strange choice, but when you’re Ted Cruz it’s very likely you can’t get a lot of the more popular people to hang out with you.

Unpopularity aside, Cruz’s pick of a VP is actually pretty ignorant for another reason – and this has nothing to do with Carly the Wicked Stepmother. There’s virtually no chance that Ted Cruz will get the nomination outright. He would come up about 100 delegates short, even if he won every single one of them from here on out. This means that if Trump doesn’t win outright (which he still can), the only hope Cruz has is a contested convention.

That’s where things completely go wrong for Cruz. Convention rules clearly state that a nominee cannot pick their own VP in a contested convention. The VP pick is up to the delegates, and if one were to make an educated guess, Carly Fiorina would NOT make the cut.

Carly Fiorina’s popularity is non-existent. Her entire campaign only lasted for two states, and then she was out. Convention delegates are extremely unlikely to pick a VP who they feel would be damaging to the party’s chances of winning in November. So, this begs the question, did Ted even bother to read up on the rules of how you run a campaign for the presidency? Imagine his embarrassment after all the hoopla surrounding his pick, only to have her booted at the RNC.

Watch Fox News explain how Ted Cruz has no clue how running for president works:

Featured image via Scott Olson/Getty Images