California Trump Rally Leads To Violence Between Thousands Of Protestors And Supporters (VIDEO)

One of the most tragic aspects of Donald Trump’s candidacy (and there have been lots of  tragic aspects) is that he’s managed to do something no one thought to be possible for a candidate running for president in 21st Century America: He’s managed to not only normalize racism, but violence as well. There have been so many instances of violence that they’ve become normalized. In other words, we’ve come to expect violence, and even more alarmingly, we’ve also come to accept the violence. However, it’s important to fight this normalization and continue to report on the absurdity that is Donald Trump.

That absurdity was on display outside a Trump rally in California on Thursday as supporters clashed with protestors. Many of the anti-Trump protestors held Mexican and American flags and were outraged at Trump’s rhetoric. About 20 protesters out of hundreds were arrested outside of the rally, a Trump supporter was beaten, and property was damaged including a police vehicle.

Watch video here:

Since he declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination, Trump has made a series of inflammatory remarks about Mexicans, calling some of the immigrants rapists and murderers. He continuously talks about building a wall to prevent Mexican immigrants from coming into the country. His rhetoric has created a divisive atmosphere that has bred racism and violence.

The bottom line is that Trump has created an environment that is tearing the country apart rather than working for unity. If his candidacy is any indication of what his presidency will be like, we are all in deep trouble as a society. He is normalizing the toxicity of violence and racism and should he be elected, America will become a very dangerous place for a lot of people.

Featured image via video screenshot.