Madeleine Albright Unleashes Blistering Attack On Trump After His Foreign Policy Speech (TWEETS)

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has never been the type of person to hold back when she sees stupidity, and Donald Trump just felt the burn of her disapproval.

On Wednesday, the Republican frontrunner attempted to appear “presidential” by laying out his foreign policy “plans.” The speech was just like him, full of emptiness and bullshit. He attacked President Obama’s foreign policy again and again, painting him as weak on terrorism and blaming him for the problems in the Middle East. Surprisingly, however, the marmalade-tinted imbecile didn’t talk about his Great Wall of ‘Murica at all. Later that evening, though, former Secretary Albright laid into the billionaire on Twitter.

She said that she was posting on the social media site because it is Trump’s “favourite method of communication” and then promptly destroyed his policies:


Secretary Albright said everything we have been saying all along: Trump is in over his head. He entered this presidential race without any clear vision for the future, let alone a basic understanding of foreign policy. It would be disastrous if this man were ever allowed to dictate policy with our allies. He has no idea what the hell he is doing and would destroy this country and our relationships with the other world powers.

One thing was blatantly obvious yesterday: the stakes are too high to sit at home and pout in November. Democrats must come together and keep this lunatic out of the White House; so, vote blue — no matter who.

Featured image via Paul Marotta/Getty Images