George Takei’s Powerful Message To Liberals: It’s Time To Unite, And Here’s Why (VIDEO)

Actor, activist and one of liberal America’s strongest social media advocates George Takei has long supported the presidential primary campaign of Bernie Sanders. But this week, he has delivered a powerful message to his fellow Bernie supporters: it’s time to admit the campaign is over, and unite behind Hillary Clinton.

In a video released to his over 9 million Facebook followers, Takei made an impassioned plea to both Bernie and Hillary supporters, to treat each other with respect and civility.

“Ultimately, we Democrats know that a bit of a tussle isn’t a bad thing — it makes us stronger. Keeps us sharp,” he said. “And really, it’s like a family squabble, where only family — those very close to us — can truly get under our skin. But remember this, too: it’s precisely because we like and respect each other that the words and criticisms sting as much as they do.”

The video message came in response to Hillary Clinton securing victory over Bernie Sanders on four of the five recent primary states. As Clinton moves ever nearer to victory, it seems the fight between supporters is reaching fever pitch – with fairly toxic commentary on both sides.

It’s okay for us to argue passionately for our beliefs; we don’t hold them lightly. The differences between the Clinton and Sanders campaigns are not cosmetic; they go to the core of sincerely held and contrary views about how we share this nation – wealth inequality, national security, foreign policy, Israel. These are not marginal issues, and the candidates have very different proposals for the country.

For some on either side, those views are so contrary that they would rather vote Republican, or not at all, than for the opposing candidate. While that feels extreme, it is understandable.

But Takei advises that we consider what America will look like after election day if liberal acrimony secures a victory for the likes of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. The common ground between Sanders and Clinton is something we should not simply take for granted as we argue over the other issues. The separation of church and state, women’s reproductive rights, LGBT and civil rights – here is our common ground in 2016. Takei urges his fellow Sanders supporters to recall the words of their own candidate – that on her very worst day, Hillary Clinton is “an infinitely better candidate and President than the Republican candidate on his best day.”

“If Bernie believes that, his supporters can, too,” Takei adds.

It’s tough in a two party system. The churches on both sides of the aisle are broader than any single candidate can reconcile. The question is not ‘do we agree on everything?’ but ‘do we agree on enough?’

George Takei and Bernie Sanders argue that we do.

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