Carly Fiorina: Ted Cruz’s Chances Of Winning Are As Real As Those Planned Parenthood Videos

It’s now official. Carly Fiorina needs help. I’m talking real, pharmaceutical-grade, billed at $400 an hour professional help, because she’s seeing things that are not there again. This is just like that time she screamed like a banshee that she totally really did see live fetuses getting cut to bits in those Planned Parenthood videos, which were so obviously fake that not even other Republicans talk about them anymore.

Megyn Kelly invited Fiorina onto her show to ask her just why in God’s name she agreed to be, of all people, Ted Cruz’s vice presidential candidate. He’s the only person that Republicans genuinely hate more than Trump, yet she thought this was a good idea. So, what’s the deal?

Kelly asked Fiorina why she chose Cruz when he has no chance at securing the nomination by a majority of delegates. Fiorina immediately insisted that her math (this is the imaginary stuff now) says that Ted Cruz can win. She even blamed the media for this by saying “they just wish it would be over and he [Trump] would be the GOP nominee.”

Here’s some non-Carly math. Cruz has 562 delegates. He needs 1,237 to win. There are 578 still available. Even if he won 100 percent of all remaining ones he comes up nearly 100 delegates short. It’s mathematically impossible for Ted Cruz to “win” and avoid a contested primary, yet she still said she believes Ted will win the nomination based on numbers only she can see.

Carly Fiorina actually said that the majority of Republicans do not want Trump to win, to which Megyn Kelly just stared with a look of pity and bewilderment. Trump has beaten Cruz by up to 40 percent in the popular vote in some states recently. Apparently that isn’t a majority anymore.

Kelly then went on to point out that even though Trump isn’t exactly the favorite of the party, there is no alternative. Cruz is still in it, but nobody is uniting behind him to stop Trump. Of course, Fiorina responded by telling Kelly she was wrong because there’s a huge line of supporters flocking to Cruz – which again only she can see.

Carly either sees things that do not actually exist, or she intentionally lies. I don’t really know which is worse, but she thinks this qualifies her to be our next vice president.

It’s 2008 all over again. We have another mentally flawed person in the VP seat for Republicans – except this time, it’s so bad she won’t even get to the general election. Carly Fiorina should think long and hard about that. Sarah Palin made it closer to the vice presidency than she ever will. That has to sting.

Watch Carly Fiorina prove how she can fail even in the most friendly of surroundings below:

Featuerd image via video screen capture