Bigoted Cops Shove Lesbian Out Of Women’s Bathroom Because She Looks Like A Man (VIDEO)

The hopes and dreams of millions of bigots finally came true when three cops on a power trip confronted a lesbian in a public restroom and shoved her outside. Why? Because they “thought” she was a guy.

In a video titled “Lesbian harassed and forced to leave a public restroom because the police insist she’s a man,” three officers, two males and a female, can be seen in a public women’s restroom telling a woman referred to her friends as a “dyke” that she has to leave. This is despite the fact that several of her friends are standing right there telling the cops that she is, in fact, a girl.

Now to be fair to the cops, the woman in question didn’t have ID and was dressed like a guy because women NEVER do that in America. Completely unheard of. And, even worse, she was fairly flat chested and that’s something else that’s simply inconceivable. Everyone knows that woman always have curves so you can identify them as chicks. So, clearly, there was absolutely no WAY the cops could know whether or not this was a woman.

Other than, you know, the woman and her friends saying that she was. But since when do whiny civilians know better than the police? Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t force her to drop her pants to prove it.

Here’s the disturbing video:

This is exactly the kind of prejudice Republicans have been hoping to inspire with their “Bathroom Laws.” They know that people only need the thinnest of justifications to vent their hate and we see here the result. As far as I’m concerned, the cops knew damn well that she wasn’t a man or they would have arrested her. That they didn’t even threaten it tells me that bullying was the intent and nothing else. Again, exactly what Republicans wanted.

The right has lost the culture war against the LGBT community and what we’re witnessing now is the last desperate attempts by bigots to turn back the clock to “better times.” I hope this woman sues the crap out of the police for violating her civil rights and they all lose their jobs. We have enough power tripping assholes on the streets as it is.

Featured image via screencap