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Speaker Of The Big House: Child Molester Dennis Hastert To Spend Over A Year In Jail

Former Speaker Of The House Dennis Hastert got handed the sentence of 15 months in prison for monetary payoffs he made to keep his sexual abuse of young boys silent. The judge in the case called him a “serial child molester,” and also ordered him to enroll in a sex-offender treatment program.

Hastert was accused of molesting 4 boys aged 14 to 17, during his time as a coach at Yorkville High School in Illinois. The case came to light when one of them finally broke decades of silence on Hastert’s conduct.

If you’re thinking 15 months for molesting 4 boys is outrageous, you’d be correct. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations has expired on the molestation cases. This forced the court to focus on illegal cash withdrawals that Hastert made to pay hush-money in order to keep the crimes buried.

As is always the case with your average Republican who does something criminal, there is a news reel of them being hypocritical by attacking others for somewhat similar conduct. Hastert was a very vocal critic of then-President Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair. Clearly, Bill was not in any sense as despicable as Hastert. However, that didn’t stop Hastert from strongly attacking Clinton for it.

Dennis Hastert on the House floor, 1998:

When the allegations first came to light, Hastert did what all Republicans do; blame the victim. His initial response was to claim that the money withdrawal was because HE was the one being victimized by a blackmailer over a baseless claim of sexual abuse. This didn’t end up working well for Hastert because the judge used it to hand down an even stronger sentence to him, with the judge telling him, “You tried to make him a victim again.”

U.S. Attorney comments on Hastert:

This is yet another case of the universal hypocrisy that is a chronic condition of the Republican party. During a time when Republicans everywhere are trying to pass bathroom laws to “protect people” from the theorized molestations they believe will occur if a transgender individual uses a public bathroom, their party heroes keep getting nailed for doing the very thing they claim to hate.

Here’s a better idea. Since Republican men do this more than transgender individuals, we will make a “Republican Men’s Bathroom.” We can do voter ID checks to make sure Republican men can only use their assigned bathroom because it’s a “public safety issue,” as they like to say regarding their anti-LGBT bathroom laws. While we’re at it, we can make Republican male-only movie theaters, restaurants and stores to help protect the public from mass shooters.

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