A Restaurant Worker Has Moved Millions With This Act Of Kindness To A Disabled Customer (IMAGE)

Footage of a Georgia restaurant worker taking time out to support a disabled customer with no hands is moving millions around the world.

The restaurant worker, known only as Alex, has become a viral internet star overnight after another diner at the Cinco De Mayo Mexican Grill in Douglasville, Georgia captured him helping out a disabled diner – by feeding him his dinner. The image has since been shared thousands of times, to an audience in the millions.


The diner who took the picture, Reginald Widener, could not believe his eyes as Alex took time out of a busy shift to ensure that his customer was able to enjoy the meal. He watched as Alex carefully put together forkfuls of food for the man with no hands, and then feed them to him. Widener was so moved, he took the picture and shared online on Sunday, saying:

“This seriously hit me right in the soul.”

“Still good [people] in the world.”

Interviewed on the matter later by CBS News, Widener added:

“Southern hospitality is real down here.”

“People do kind things all the time that’s above and beyond what normally happens.”

He was also thrilled that the image had provoked such a powerful response across the country, and the world. Widener felt Alex deserved to enjoy the moment, and to be acknowledged for making a difference every day in his job. Commenters from around the world were certainly keen to make their views known.

Erick Watkins wrote:

“That’s awesome, bro. I would have gave him a tip myself just for doing that!”

ShanBama Ryder added:

“God bless him for real. That’s a great dude right there.”

At a time when those working in America’s food service industry are fighting to be paid enough to survive, this incredible moment serves as a reminder of the extraordinary people we have working the tables of the United States. Surely, servers like Alex are worth a lot more than the mere $15 federal minimum wage they are seeking?

Featured image via Facebook