POWERFUL: Men Read Hate Tweets To Female Sports Writers, What They Say Is Sickening (VIDEO)

In a powerful new web PSA video, female sports writers have some of the hateful tweets directed their way read by male sports fans. The ad was designed to highlight just how over the line online harassment has become for women, who are often the targets.

The video features sports writers Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro.

Spain is a columnist for ESPN and has appeared on ESPN radio and on the network’s premiere program, SportsCenter. She’s written at length about the sexual assault allegations about NFL superstar Peyton Manning, pointing out that “for years the story had been treated with kid gloves.”

DiCaro is an anchor on a Chicago sports talk station, and has written about rape allegations against NHL player Patrick Kane.

For their work, and for simply being women in the male-dominated sports media, Spain and DiCaro regularly face dehumanizing, threatening, sexist comments from men online. The website Just Not Sports worked with the writers to produce this video to highlight the problem – which is often dismissed as casual criticism, but as the video shows, is actually much sicker than that.

#MoreThanMean hopes to open guys’ eyes – by having them open their mouths. The video shows what happens when real sports fans read real online comments made about women sports reporters … right to their faces.

In reading the statements out loud to women journalists, guys are forced to experience, sometimes for the first time, the shocking online harassment happening to women in sports day in, day out. It serves as proof most sports fans would NEVER say these things to another person – so we shouldn’t type this garbage, either.

The video is a strong example that shows that while relations between men and women have obviously come a long way over the last century, there is a toxic culture that tries to bully women away from issues that some men feel they own.

Featured image via YouTube