Crazed Cop Caught On Camera Breaking Man’s Leg Over A Single Walmart Tomato (VIDEO)

A police officer in Atlanta has been caught on camera breaking the leg of a man during an altercation over a single tomato at a Walmart store.

According to reports and the video evidence, Tyrone Carnegay is approached by Officer Trevor King as he goes to leave the store, after a manager accused him of stealing a single tomato. Before any apparent reaction from Carnegay, Officer King begins beating him repeatedly with his baton. Carnage hits the deck without retaliating.

The beating was so severe that Officer King broke two bones in Carnegay’s leg and ruptured an artery. He needed to be hospitalized and have a titanium rod implanted in his leg. He also remained handcuffed throughout his time at hospital, despite being the victim and not the perpetrator of an attack.

He was later charged with simple battery against police and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers – and jailed for three days.

It wasn’t until the video of the attack was produced, along with the receipt for Carnegay’s purchase of the tomato (which was in his pocket the entire time), that Carnegay was released and the charges dropped.

Had Officer King simply asked him to produce the receipt before attacking Carnegay, the matter would have been cleared up in a moments.

He is now taking up legal proceedings against local law enforcement for the injuries he sustained in the brutal attack. He told WSB-TV:

“As he’s grabbing me, he’s beating me at the same time, [saying] ‘Get on the ground,’”

“Beating me at the same time.”

Carnegay’s attorney, Craig Jones added:

“The officer went into Robocop mode and beat the crap out of him,”

Officer King needed only to ask a simple question of Tyrone Carnegay, to establish whether or not he had purchased the tomato. Instead, he opted to launch a frenzied attack with zero provocation. If anyone should be languishing behind bars right now, it is him.

Featured image via screengrab