College Humor: How To Prove Bernie Is ‘Winning In A Landslide’ (VIDEO)

If you don’t already know who College Humor is, shame on you. If you do, then you know that they have no sacred cows and will mock anyone and everyone equally. This time, they take aim at “Bernie Math,” that curious combination of hope, wishful thinking and outright denial of reality.

The set up is pretty simple: A friend offers to help a guy struggling to figure out a not-so-simple math problem: “Hillary Clinton currently has 1,930 delegates. Bernie Sanders currently has 1189 delegates (even tossing out the Super Delegates, there is still a large gap). Explain how Bernie Sanders is actually winning like the internet says he is.”

What follows is a brutal mocking of “Bernie Math” in which momentum points, how much birds like Bernie, and the lamestream media blackout all combine to put Bernie ahead in delegates….somehow. If you still don’t get it by the time it’s over, you’re probably, as the helpful friend suggests, a “fucking Hillary supporter that thinks she’s entitled to the presidency.”

Watch it and try to resist laughing if you can:

Featured image via screen cap.