Right Wing Drudge Report Calls Beyoncé An ‘Urban Terrorist’ Because Racism Is Dead In America

Beyoncé is already a favorite target of hate for the right-wing because she’s: A. Black B. A woman C. Rich D. Powerful E. Not ashamed of being black and F. Did I mention she’s black? But the so-racist-it-might-as-well-be-Stormfront Drudge Report took Beyoncé hating to a new low because of the “Hold Up” music video released over the weekend.

Off of the album “Lemonade,” Hold Up is a suuuuuper angry song and video dealing with Beyoncé’s very justifiable rage at her husband Jay-Z for cheating on her. In the video, she takes a bat and smashes the crap out of stuff. It’s not entirely clear why this is controversial in the slightest. Anyone who’s been cheated on wants to smash everything around them; it’s a perfectly natural reaction to that kind of hurt and betrayal. So, of course, Drudge Report responded to it like this:

Drudge report

“Urban,” of course, is a right-wing dog whistle for “ni**er” but why a “terrorist?” Oh, right, because Beyoncé supports Black Lives Matter and had the nerve to recognize black history during the Super Bowl so anything she does these days is scary to the poor, persecuted white minority of America.

The article Drudge links to is just as tasteless, shoehorning in President Obama and soon-to-be-president Hillary Clinton by lamenting that Obama, previously a fan, “may be changing his policy on Beyoncé.” Because only white people are allowed to be angry or something. When black people do it, they’re out of control and savages. Didn’t you know that already?

Later, the article comments on Beyoncé’s album about being cheated on and forgiving her husband by saying:

Indeed, all of “Lemonade” appears to be Beyoncé saying she’s made lemonade from lemons– meaning she’s somehow stuck it out in a bad marriage despite lying and infidelity. That sounds more like the Clintons’ story than the Obamas’.

HAHAHAHAHAHAH! That didn’t feel forced at all. Even a little.

Now, if Beyoncé had gone out and actually smashed people’s cars in a rage instead of channeling her anger into a creatively destructive music video, OK, fine, call her names. But for the love of all that’s holy, it’s a MUSIC VIDEO. I know Drudge makes money by feeding the hate and rage of the right-wing but this is a stretch, even for them.

By the way, if you want to see Beyonce get righteous with a bat, you’ll have to go to TIDAL and sign up for a free trial.

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