Christian Lawyer Threatens Transgender Women With Gun Violence If They Use Same Bathroom As Her

Years of lugging guns around in public places – such as supermarkets – have resulted in zero terrorist plots thwarted. As such, ammosexuals have had to find a fresh new reason to make sure they are armed to the teeth every time they go outside of their homes. This time, the threat is only “Isis” if that’s the name of a transgender woman who happens to be in a public restroom.

Christian Extremist and president of a theocratic law group named The Liberty Council Anita Staver has declared to the internet that she will be carrying a firearm with her every time she uses the bathroom in public from now on.

Staver took to Twitter to make her formal declaration of pseudo-vigilantism.

There are reasons to be concerned with this statement, one being that she thinks her gun identified itself as something. This sounds like she thinks her gun is both self-aware and talks to her. The other more obvious one is not only her threat against transgender women but the tacit approval and advocacy for this behavior in other individuals.

Anita has been sharing bathrooms, whether she wants to admit it or not, with transgender people for decades now – just like every other self-appointed member of the new American bathroom police. Only since Republicans made it fresh and new again has bathroom usage in America become the greatest domestic security threat of our generation.

To give you a little context, Anita is married to Mat Staver, who is the head of Kim Davis’s legal team. That would be the same Kim Davis that the right wing glorified for violating her duties and refusing to issue licenses for same-sex marriages. These people are nothing short of walking hate machines towards LGBT individuals, which explains the irrational bathroom paranoia.

Staver’s comments come on the heels of a conservative group hissyfit over commercial interests, such as Target department stores, openly accepting the LGBT community and allowing them to use whatever bathroom suits them best. As more companies and franchises join the ranks of Target here with the rest of civilized society in the year 2016, it’s logical to assume more right-wing theocrats will be taking weapons into those bathrooms.

After all, having paranoid people carrying guns in a confined and densely populated room with only a single exit is FAR less dangerous than a transgender woman who just wants to pee. Right?

Featured image via Twitter