Oklahoma GOP Just Took Their War On Women To A Whole New Level Of Crazy

Republicans in Oklahoma just took their war on women and placed it on the doorsteps on doctors in the state.

Late Thursday evening, the House of Representatives in the state, overwhelmingly approved a Senate bill that could revoke the licenses of doctors if they perform an abortion. Yahoo News reported:

In the Republican-dominated legislature, the state’s House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a Senate bill late on Thursday. Governor Mary Fallin, a Republican, has not yet indicated whether she will sign it.

Under the bill, doctors who perform abortions would risk losing their medical licenses. Exemptions would be given for those who perform the procedure for reasons including protecting the mother or removing a miscarried fetus.

According to the author of the bill, Senator Nathan Dahm, the bill was necessary because,”This is our proper function, to protect life.” Republicans often say that they are protecting life when they interfere with a woman’s right to choose, but the reality is that they are just pandering to the religious nuts in their voting base.

As I have said a million times before, if the GOP was even a little bit “pro-life” they would do absolutely everything they could to prevent unwanted pregnancies. This means they would make sure that children were given a comprehensive education about sex; they oppose that. Republicans would also make sure that birth control (all forms) were easily available to women and men; they oppose that. If these imbeciles were pro-life, they would want to make sure all children were fed; they oppose foodstamps. Pro-lifers would also make sure that kids had medical care, even if their parents can’t afford to pay for it; they oppose Medicaid expansion. Finally, if the right were actually pro-life, they would never send our kids off to die in their wars, bomb families in the Middle East, and they certainly would not support the death penalty; and yet, they do all of those things.

This bill in Oklahoma bans abortion, make no mistake about that. And it doesn’t ban it because the right loves babies and respects human life. It bans abortion because the right hates women and they especially hate when women have sex. It bans abortion because the GOP wants to punish “whores” who open their legs and it lets men off without any ramifications.

This is just another way for men to exert their power over women. Fortunately, for the women in Oklahoma, if the female governor of the state decides to side with the right-wing jackasses in her party and sign the bill into law, it is completely unconstitutional and will never hold up in court.

Featured image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images