Guess Which Supreme Court Justice Got Caught SLEEPING During A Case (IMAGE)

These days, a certain few justices on the Supreme Court (the Republicans, of course) are known to be doing little more than occupying space and selling their votes to the corporate owners of the Republican Party. The one who is most notorious for being a useless sack of protoplasm is Justice Clarence Thomas. The guy never says a word. He just sits there, staring into space and waiting until he can render his verdict. It’s a contemptible type of conduct for someone who is supposed to help decide on issues that are of grave importance to millions of – if not all – Americans on a daily basis.

Thomas has openly admitted in the past that he has a work ethic that can be summed up best by the word “zero.” There were times he had admitted that he decided how he would rule on a case before it even started. This is literally judicial malpractice. As a judge, the essence of how you do your job is tied to listening to evidence and making a conclusion based on the facts in an impartial way. What Clarence Thomas does is a complete abdication of his responsibilities as a Supreme Court justice.

So… you must be wondering, “What does Clarence Thomas do all day at work if he doesn’t actually DO or even SAY anything?”

You’ll get your answer by hitting the play button below:

A courtroom artist decided to be brutally honest and draw Clarence Thomas doing exactly what he does – sleeping on the job.

Yes, a judge on the highest court in the free world, responsible for deciding cases of monumental importance to the function of our republic, finds it to be just fine to just sit and sleep during his work day. After all, it’s not like he will have anything to say! Why not just sit there and sleep while getting paid. Right?

This is the trash you get when you have Republican presidents. This is why it’s important to vote.

Featured image via Wikicommons