Florida Doctor Fired For Attacking Uber Driver (VIDEO)

A Miami doctor has been fired after a video of her assaulting and screaming profanities at an Uber driver went viral.

Jackson Health System announced on Friday that they are terminating Anjali Ramkissoon, 30, a four-year neurology resident for her actions in the video. They released a statement that said:

Jackson Health System is moving forward with the termination of Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon, a resident doctor. She is entitled to an appeal process.”

The assault took place in January and the doctor was initially put on probation. In the video, an extremely drunk Ramkissoon is seen hitting, kicking and cursing at the driver. The Uber driver is seen trying to restrain her, but after she kicked him he threw her to the ground and ran to his car. Ramkissoon got up, went to the car, opened the door and started throwing things out of his vehicle.

When the video went viral, a contrite Ramkissoon appeared on Good Morning America and apologized for her actions, saying:

“There is absolutely no excuse for my actions. I am so sorry. I have hurt so many people with this. My family, my friends, my job, the Uber driver. Nobody deserves to be treated that way. That’s not me.”

Unfortunately for her, the apology was not enough to save her job – and rightfully so. I have been drunk many times and have never used it as an excuse to assault another human being. At thirty years old, she should know how to handle herself. While I understand that alcohol makes some people act a fool, as a neurologist she should know what happens to her brain when she drinks too much — it makes her actions even less excusable.

Hopefully, she has learned how to control herself. It would be a shame to see all of that education go to waste.

Watch the assault:

Featured image via video screenshot