Sheriff Joe Arpaio Sinks To A New Low With His Classless Response To Prince’s Death (VIDEO)

Let’s face it, 2016 has been a hero-stealing rat of a year so far. From David Bowie to Prince – and every amazing person in between – the world has had its legend population culled this year. Yet, Arizona’s cruel ultra-conservative Sheriff Joe Arpaio not only lives on, but gets to make despicable comments about those who died, like he just did with Prince.

To put Arpaio’s comments in some context – basically the whole nation and much of the world, regardless of political stripe, is openly grieving over the untimely death of a cultural icon.

Minneapolis chose to rock out to Purple Rain:

President Obama took a moment to remember the contribution of Prince to his own cultural heritage:


The NFL took a moment to celebrate one of the finest half-time performances in history, made by the deceased icon.

Artists, fans and political and humanitarian leaders from around the globe have been busy commemorating Prince’s life and work. But for Sheriff Arpaio, the death was nothing more than a chance for a little self-promotion.

But Twitter users were quick to fight back at the self-confessed “Toughest Sheriff In America” – no one was in the mood for his bullsh*t.


It’s pretty clear that while some conservative types and generic bigots are happy to be duped by the likes of Arpaio, many others were happy to shut him down and allow the rest of us to grieve in peace.

It truly is becoming one of the most sour traits of the American right at the moment, that a liberal cannot die without their name and loved ones becoming the target of partisan attacks. We remember the horrific scenes when Vice President Joe Biden’s son died, and conservative trolls literally celebrated. It left many of us thinking: surely brain cancer doesn’t need to be a partisan issue? Surely we should be able to mourn the untimely death of a person with compassion, whoever they vote for? Can we not just be human beings together in these moments?

For some it seems, the answer is a resolute “Hell no!”


Featured Image via Flickr Creative Commons/Flickr Creative Commons