Watch As The Right Changes History Before Your Very Eyes On Tubman And Jackson (SCREENSHOTS)

The announcement that Harriet Tubman would replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill came as little surprise to most, who celebrated progress with a show of support for a truly amazing woman. If you live in the insane, historically inaccurate world of the modern right, you heard a different story altogether; one of the evils of the “Democrat Party” and how their founder tried to stop the gun-toting, Republican abolitionist, Harriet Tubman.

Yes, that really is the lie they’re spinning. It seems that in most cases of Republicans losing someone they fiercely admired they tend to go back to the time of Lincoln when the men were men and Northerners were Republicans. It really is that easy to understand, yet conservatives just don’t get it. In the time leading up to the Civil War, northern progressives like Abraham Lincoln were in the process of forming a very different Republican party than the one we know today. The Southerners fought, seceded, lost, spent a good deal of time living with their humiliation and moved on, content to stick together as Democrats.

And that doesn’t seem strange to these people? It doesn’t seem odd that the Republicans who abolished slavery, wrote the 13th and 14th Amendments and stood side by side with women until they could vote were predominately Northern progressive liberals? Andrew Jackson was the president who saw the beginning of the Democratic party and he was a slave owner from the South. That doesn’t seem a little odd?

We’re talking about Harriet Tubman here. The woman was armed because she lived in fear for her life and for the lives of those she helped. She didn’t belong to a political party, since as a black woman during slavery she wouldn’t have been able to vote for several reasons. To call her a champion of the Republican party would be like trying to claim that Lincoln himself would be a proud card-carrying member today. Yeah, I know…they claim that all the time.

You can read the ridiculous claim, which is basically a 2 paragraph propaganda piece circulating among such reputable publications as Alan B West’s Site. Fox News hasn’t picked it up yet, but the comments on one of their local affiliates who reported the story say it all:


That’s just the tip of the iceberg. People sure do love to make things up online:


How about some conspiracy? The president naturally spends much of his day thinking of ways to screw over Americans, that’s how much he hates us:


And good golly the cost. New 20s that were going to be printed need to be printed. Maybe we should add that to a conversation about how little the average Republican knows about the budget.


Numerous people have also been to the thread to let them know that the Republican party officially became the party of southern regressive morons the day Strom Thurmond jumped ship and joined. Your first political move? Defraud and disenfranchise as many voters as possible across the South running on what we now know as the “Southern Dixiecrat” strategy. Then, as Republicans, you shot down the ERA, tried in vain to kill the Civil Rights Movement, created the Moral Majority, The Tea Party and The Freedom Caucus and stocked them with religious zealots just to brighten our day. You’re also responsible for the rise of Donald Trump.

The bottom line? You don’t get to claim Harriet Tubman as one of yours and you certainly don’t get to stick us with Andrew Jackson. As a Northern progressive, my great, great, great-grandfather lived on the happy end of the underground railroad, no matter who he voted for in 1862. Stop trying to rewrite history and move along.

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