This New Game Gives You A Taste Of Life Under President Trump (IMAGES)

For those itching for a taste of life in America under President Donald Trump – a new mobile game provides just that and it’s creepy as hell.

The new game – available on Apple App Store and Google Play — is called “Great Wall of America – The Donald Trump Edition.” As you might expect, the game is all abut getting that border wall with Mexico built, and keeping immigrants out of America’s southern border.

Like a cross between an episode of The Apprentice and Tenko, players have to deploy advanced management skills to achieve one simple goal: to BUILD THAT WALL!

There is, of course, one additionally f*cked up element to this game. Rather than building the wall with the standard bricks and mortar – in the game, the wall is made up of cuboid versions of Donald trump’s opponents. I sh*t you not. Let’s take a look at them shall we?

The game’s creator Michael Kryski is apparently trying to make American mobile gaming great again. Maybe he can follow up with Whack-a-Mexican? The role player game, modeled on the famous whack-a-mole, allows gamers to play the part of a border guard tasked with enforcing Trump’s dream of a Mexican-free America. Each time a Mexican attempts to burrow under the border wall, the guard smacks them back down into their tunnels with a giant mallet. This could extend to a Muslim edition.

No doubt, this in development somewhere in the world.

Kryski notes on his website, the very best part of the game is that it’s totally free. Apparently, Mexico is paying for the whole thing.

Featured Image via Great Wall of America