President Of Planned Parenthood Compared To ISIS, The Mob And Drug Dealers

Because the rabidly insane American right wing is no stranger to hyperbole and nonsense comparisons, Fr. Frank Pavone, an anti-choice fanatic, has compared Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood to terrorists, mobsters and drug lords. Why? Because she was invited to speak at Georgetown University by some of the students and letting Planned Parenthood speak is just plain crazy!

While on an AM Hate Radio show, Pavone let loose with this gem:

He said he didn’t buy the argument that inviting someone like Richards to speak was allowing “inquiry into all different positions.”

“I mean, do we inquire, do we try to understand terrorism by inviting representatives of ISIS to come and speak?” he asked. “Or let’s get some of the biggest drug dealers in the country to come and talk about their business because, after all, we have to understand both sides of the issue of drug abuse. Why don’t we invite the biggest mobsters to come in because we have to understand both sides of the debate about organized crime? Are they doing that? Maybe I’m missing it, but do these universities invite these kinds of people too?”

What Pavone is actually saying is that the only side we should be listening to is the one that says a fertilized egg is a person and that Baby Jesus cries whenever a hell-bound baby killer abortion doctor performs an abortion. Also, that abortion is the moral equivalent of terrorism. That would be a perfectly reasonable argument to make except for the fact that it’s pure bullshit.

The burning desire for conservative Christians to impose their religious doctrine on the entire country is never more clear than in the abortion “debate.” I say “debate” because there really isn’t one. The “pro-life” movement is all about control and, for the most part, completely unconcerned with what happens to the “precious life” they’re willing to murder to defend. The pro-choice movement, on the other hand, is perfectly fine with common sense restrictions placed on late-term abortions, a fact that theocratic monsters refuse to acknowledge.

Normally, what Pavone said would be just the ravings of a madman, but these are not normal times. The right has whipped up such a storm of hate and rage against Planned Parenthood that violence is both inevitable and ongoing. This kind of rhetoric only increases the chances that someone will declare themselves a “Soldier of God” and lash out. Shootings, arson, death threats and all other manner of terrorism have been a common occurance in a country that’s supposedly at “War” with terrorism. But I guess as long as the terrorism is white and Christian, it’s acceptable.


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