Kasich LOSES IT After Reporter Asks About His Only Win, And It’s Kinda Hilarious (VIDEO)

No one wants to admit that they’re losing, especially if you’ve been fighting really hard to gain votes, but Ohio Gov. John Kasich really doesn’t seem to want to admit he is losing. After all, he’s only won one state so far in the Republican presidential primary, and that one state is the state where he is governor.

So, when Demetri Sevastopulo of the Financial Times directly asked Kasich about his potential path to victory, and reminded the Ohio governor that he’s only won a single state, Kasich got rather angry and even snatch the voice recorder from the reporters hand.

Sevastopulo asked:

“Governor, if you get to the convention in Cleveland and you have only won Ohio do you think you’re qualified to be the nominee?”

Kasich bites back:

“They’ll be no ‘if’ – there’s not ‘if’ in there. They’ll be when, and listen, at the end of the day the Republican Party wants to pick somebody who actually can win in the fall…”

Sevastopulo cuts in and reiterates:

“But if you’ve only won Ohio…”

Then Kasich turns to him and says:

“Can I finish?”

With Sevastopulo saying:

“If you answer the question.”

Kasich clearly losing his patience replies:

“I’m answering the question the way I want to answer it. You want to answer it?”

It was at that moment that Kasich tears the voice recorder out of Sevastopulo’s hand, points it at the reporter and asks, “What do you think?” With Sevastopulo perfectly replying, “I think you should answer the question.”

It seems fairly obvious Kasich doesn’t want people to tell him that he’s probably not going to be the nominee, despite his best efforts to stay in the race until the end. His best hope is a split convention where he can garner up the necessary delegate votes, but even then, with only one victory, it’s not looking very likely people will choose him over other candidates.

The truth hurts, and Kasich doesn’t handle it very well.

Watch the interaction here:

Featured Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images