Buffalo Bills Coach Gives Donald Trump The Weirdest Rally Introduction Ever (VIDEO)

Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan has one job, to introduce Donald Trump at his rally in Buffalo, New York. But Ryan’s rambling, creepy intro left the audience not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

I fairness, Ryan did attempt to set dial expectations down to zero with the opening sentence of his speech, in which he warns:

“Obviously, we all know I’m not a politician,”

“I’m not a public speaker. I’m just a football coach.”

The crowd yells, screams and applauds in typical Trump-style frenzy – “He’s just like us! Yeah!”

But then Ryan moves into the words longest, most meandering personal anecdote – all to deliver a joke which raised little more than a trickle of laughter from the crowd. He went all the way back to the ’80s, describing different players and a particular play. Ryan takes literally minutes to explain that his then team (the Generals) supplied the ball to a fullback instead of star running back, Herschel Walker, at the goal line.

Trump owned the Generals at the time and called Ryan with a warning.

“The conversation went like this,” Ryan said, working up to his pay-off “‘The next time you give the ball to Maurice Carthon instead of Herschel Walker, you’re fired!’ That is a true story.”

Because no one’s tired of The Apprentice jokes yet, right?

The grand conclusion to Ryan’s speech was meant to be his reasons for endorsing Donald Trump. So hold onto your hats, here it is.

“He’ll say what’s on his mind,” he said. “You’ll see people that want to say the same thing, but the big difference is they don’t have the courage to say it.”

“Donald Trump certainly has the courage to say it,”

That feels more like the entry-level requirement to apply for any job in the world – the ability to speak. How will he attempt to sell Trump next? With the fact that he’s potty-trained?

Whelk the Trump rally was boring 11,000 folks to tears in Buffalo, Bernie Sanders was holding a 30,000-strong, energizing rally in Prospect Park over in Brooklyn. It was Hollywood actor Danny DeVito which delivered the introduction for Sanders, and it was somewhat different.

I doesn’t take a genius to see where the momentum is heading as the race for President heats up.

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