This ‘Do Your Job’ Video Is Humiliating GOP Senators With Straight Truth And A Bucket Of Laughs (VIDEO)

We pay our senators $174,000 per year. For that money, we get any and every bill that might actually help the middle class and the working poor blocked. We get new legislation to take away our voting rights, expand protections for Christians, limit a woman’s ability to make decisions about her own body and life and a whole slew of nothing when it comes to anything else.

That’s okay, because at least they do what they’re supposed to when it comes to constitutional duties like…confirming federal judges, right? Yeah, sure they do. In their ultimate wisdom and probably in hopes that some conservative lower court judges will hand some Democratic victories to Republicans in November, the senate has decided that our nation’s highest court should be deadlocked at a 4-4 tie for at least a year, probably five if Clinton or Sanders wins the election.

Republicans aren’t just refusing to confirm the most qualified man on the beltway for the job, they’re refusing to even sit down and talk with him. In other words, they have once again refused to do their jobs. This video, put out by VidMe and already viral, explores with simple truth and just enough humor what would happen if other people refused to do their jobs.

It would be one thing if the senate had a reason to ignore the perfect nomination but they just don’t. They are refusing to sit down and go through the process because they know that C-Span covers those things and they will look exceedingly stupid as a nominee who has a record of fair adherence to the law is exposed as the right man for the job but gets trashed just because he was nominated by a black man the Republicans despise.

It’s just business as usual for the failure we call the Republican party.

Featured image from screen capture