Lewandowski To Fox News: Apologizing To The Reporter I Assaulted Is ‘Unrealistic’

Corey Lewandowski got some good news last week when the state’s attorney for Palm Beach, Florida announced that he was dropping the charges against him and is now saying he is ready to move on. But don’t expect Trump’s abusive campaign manager to admit he did something wrong or apologize for it.

Lewandowski appeared on Fox News Sunday, and Chris Wallace asked if he had any intention of apologizing to Michelle Fields:

“In the interest of avoiding unnecessary litigation, which I know Republicans don’t like, are you prepared here and now to apologize to Ms. Fields for touching her and for saying that she was delusioned?”

The campaign manager responded exactly the way you’d expect Trump’s right-hand man to respond:

“Here and now I’d like to say I’ve never spoken to Ms. Fields. I turned over my phone records to the Palm Beach County district attorney’s office. It clearly shows I called her phone number that evening [after] I read about this on the Twitter feed. I’d be happy to have a conversation with her. But to apologize to somebody I’ve never spoken to and candidly don’t remember ever having any interaction with is something that is a little unrealistic right now.”

He added, “This is a person I’ve never spoken to and I’d be happy to have that conversation if we can put this thing behind us.”

Just like his boss, Lewandowski is incapable of admitting that he was wrong. He still refuses to apologize to the woman he assaulted and called names even though there is video evidence proving he did it. He, like Trump, thinks that he can just walk through life and do whatever he wants without ever suffering any consequences and unfortunately, Palm Beach prosecutors reaffirmed this by not pursuing the charges.

Ms. Fields has likely had her career ruined, while this jackass gets to proceed as if nothing happened. Lovely, isn’t it?

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images