81-Year-Old Cuban Run Over By Racist A$$hole

Florida continues to lead the nation in head shaking insanity after 81-year-old Luis Angel Dominguez, affectionately known to his neighbors as “Papi,” was deliberately run and killed over by a 26-year-old after an argument.

As reported by the Washington Post:

According to Broward County police, Dominguez and a younger man got into an argument at Everglades Holiday Park on Wednesday night. The younger man, whom police have identified as 26-year-old Kyle Christopher Hannover, was at the park fishing when he allegedly started yelling racial slurs at Dominguez and threw a rock at Dominguez’s car.

Hannover then allegedly got into his Ford Ranger truck and drove directly toward Dominguez, striking him.

“He was completely rolled over from the suspect’s car and trailer,” a witness told ABC. “When I called 911 it was, ‘No ambulance.’ It was, ‘Get a trauma chopper out here as quickly as possible.’”

Unsurprisingly, Hannover has a history of violence. In 2015, he was arrested and for allegedly threatening his girlfriend with a shotgun. Considering how disturbed he is, it’s amazing that she survived long enough for him to be arrested. As a result of his threats, his guns were confiscated as part of his plea deal this past March. I can only assume that’s why Hannover didn’t simply shoot Dominguez instead of sadistically running him over.

The cause of the fight is unclear and, honestly, is irrelevant. There is literally no justification for a 26-year-old to run over a senior citizen in a rage. The only upshot to this entire incident is that Hannover will probably be about the same age when he gets out of prison.

His step-granddaughter Damaris Riveron expressed her gratitude to the police:

“We’re extremely happy there has been an arrest, Thank you to the police department for all of their hard work and for everyone who contributed.”

Domiguez is survived by his wife, his children and his grandchildren.

Featured courtesy of Vivian Sanchez