Fiscally Conservative GOP Governor Begs The Public To Pay His Bills For Him

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has blown so much money on his vanity presidential campaign that he put himself $1.2 million dollars in debt. An odd accomplishment for a “fiscally conservative” Republican who says that our government’s debt is the most evil thing ever.

Walker is trying to sell off the surplus garbage campaign merchandise that nobody wanted to buy the first time around, in order to cover his debts. He sent out an e-mail begging people to buy t-shirts from him for $45. If you really want to wear a t-shirt which will announce to everyone how stupid you are, you can find similar Walker merch online for about half the price.

Walker isn’t even able to fulfill color or size requests due to a “lack of resources.” He wants you to pay 45 bucks for something you may not even want to, or be physically able to, wear properly. Don’t worry, though! If you get a shirt that is 3 sizes too small or a hideous color, he also said in the e-mail that the shirts can be framed or used for “crafty things” like a pillow cover or bag.

That’ exactly what I’d do; Lay my head on a Scott Walker pillow as I stare at a Scott Walker framed t-shirt on my wall.

Walker dropped $90,000 a day on his 70-day presidential run, which is a fact he isn’t divulging to the people he’s asking for cash. 70 days is pretty impressive to go from the great white right-wing hope to “Scott who?”

In the e-mail that he sent out to the people who are now upset that they forgot to unsubscribe from his mailing list months ago, Walker made some strange statements about how careful he is with money.

“If there is one thing the American people learned about me during our presidential campaign, it is that I am thrifty.”

Source: AP

Walker then went on to cite how he uses coupons and loves hitting up the discount racks when shopping. Do they give coupons for failed presidential vanity campaigns intended for boosting speaking fees and book deals?

There’s $1,200,000 worth of irony to be found in a “thrifty” guy, who is against big spending, asking people to waste 45 bucks on what is essentially an “I’m with stupid” t-shirt. He would need a little over 26,000 people who are bad enough with their money to think this is a good deal, in order to cover his debt.

Featured image via Scott Olson / Getty