White Crowd Chants ‘Donald Trump, Build That Wall!’ And Then The Black And Latina Players Did This

At a Wisconsin high school soccer game, players from the visiting team walked off the field as the home team crowd disgraced themselves with racist chants of “Donald Trump, build that wall!”:

BELOIT, Wis. – Officials from the Elkhorn Area School District are investigating racist taunts directed at Beloit Memorial High School soccer players by a group of its students attending a game.

The incident happened Thursday night as the Beloit Memorial girls varsity soccer team visited Elkhorn.

Beloit Memorial girls soccer coach Brian Denu said the Elkhorn students taunted black and Latina girls soccer players with racial slurs and chants like “Donald Trump, build that wall.”

Considering the young age of the students doing the chanting, it’s hard to say if they actually meant what they were saying or if they just thought it would be a clever way to distract the opposing team. Either way, the effect was devastating:

“They came off the field and weren’t able to finish the game because they were too upset and distraught over what happened to them,” Denu said. “One of the girls was cradled in the arms of one of our assistant coaches for a good 15 to 20 minutes.”

Denu said even though the chants came from a small group of Elkhorn students, their words had a big impact on his players.

“I could just see the hurt and pain on their face and know that this was obviously something that they hadn’t seen before,” Denu said.

I want to give the benefit of the doubt but in all likelihood, this is the Trump Effect spilling down. It’s not difficult to imagine that the parents of these students are ardent Trump supporters that have been gleefully teaching their children that it’s OK to hate if the other person has dark skin. That is, after all, the core of Trump’s popularity. It’s not just that he’s openly racist, he’s telling his followers that it’s permissible, encouraged even, for them to openly hate as well.

School officials are looking into the incident but it’s unclear if they will be able to do anything about it. At the very least, it would be nice if the other students from Elkhorn publicly shunned their fellow classmates for their racism.

Featured image via AI archives