John Kasich Was Just Embarrassed By Republican Lawmakers In His Own State

Ohio Governor John Kasich has had a pretty difficult time getting his message out during the Republican race for the White House. Many of us assumed it was because he is being overshadowed by Trump and Cruz, but apparently this is a problem that he is facing in his own state as well — and it is quite embarrassing.

Last week, the governor gave his annual State of the State Address and laid out his plans for the state. Instead of Republican lawmakers rallying behind their leader like you would expect them to — especially since he is running for president — they brushed him off just like voters have nationwide. According to The Columbus Dispatch:


After he called on legislators during his State of the State address last week to revamp the way Ohio’s congressional districts are drawn, his fellow Republicans who lead the General Assembly panned the proposal.

Senate President Keith Faber — who represented the Kasich campaign this weekend in Michigan as GOP convention delegates were picked — said the legislature has higher priorities.


Even on modest Kasich proposals, such as altering state income-tax withholding tables that would get money to Ohioans faster but not provide an overall tax cut, the Republican leaders’ biggest commitment was that they would consider his ideas.

Ouch. That’s rough. The Republican legislature apparently has no interest in listening to their leader. Kasich has spent his entire campaign telling the American people what an effective governor he has been, but if that were true wouldn’t Ohio lawmakers be a little bit more enthusiastic about his proposals? Instead, they are like,”Nah bro, we got this. Go away.”

Not only are lawmakers in Ohio wondering what the hell he was doing there, but Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are treating him the same way in the race for the White house. Both of his fellow candidates have been very vocal in the last week or so about their desire to see him drop out of the race, but Kasich said that isn’t going to happen. Instead, the governor is continuing to sell himself as the “adult” who will be able to get the job done in the White House.

I’m not entirely sure how he expects to get anything done if he is president when he can’t even get the Republicans in his own state to work with him. If his own party in his own state treats him like an annoying gnat, imagine how ineffective he’d be in the Oval Office. This is just further proof that all of the GOP candidates would be horrible for the country and we need to vote blue in November.


Featured image via Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images