Bill O’Reilly’s Goon Gets Schooled By College Students (VIDEO)

Bill O’Reilly has a segment of his show in which he sends professional insufferable prick Jesse Watters out to harass people for the amusement of O’Reilly’s aging, senile audience. The very cleverly named “Watters’ World” is not supposed to illuminate the viewer so much as make them feel better about hating the people being harassed. This week, Watters and his punch-me face took on the students of Princeton University and it didn’t go well:

In one of the most bizarre segments on Fox News you’ll ever see, Bill O’Reilly sent his interviewer to Princeton to say the word “ghetto” to black students — and it went pretty much as you’d expect.

Jesse Watters, who often interviews people on the street for The O’Reilly Factor, visited the school’s campus and asked students of different races if they were offended by various loaded words and phrases, such as “ghetto,” “black crime,” “slum,” “Islamic terrorism,” and “white privilege.”

Now, I’m not exactly a fan of college PC culture but there’s a difference between someone crying about “cultural appropriation” (get over it. If it’s cool, other people are going to want to try it) and being offended by the word “ghetto” with its obvious and well known racial overtones. That being said, I was delighted to see just how badly Watters, the human-weasel hybrid, failed to “expose” PC culture run amok.

Not only did expert douchebag Watters not find anyone that fit the stereotype he was looking for, the ones he tried to shoehorn in had to be obviously edited to seem irrational. And even then, they really didn’t. One black student responded quite reasonably to being asked about people using the word “ghetto” by saying, “I feel like they should be more careful in their choice of words,” and another simply walked away from an obvious trap. Other students either refused to take the bait or gave a measured and intelligent response:

“It’s that kind of elitism, classism, that kind of snobbery… is counterproductive, it dehumanizes people.”


The whole segment flopped horribly. Paid stalker Watters told one student, “You’re a woman and you’re white. That’s how you got into Princeton” and he used a bad edit to make it seem like she responded by saying “And I’m actually kind of upset about that.” That’s how hard he had to try to make the segment work. Even O’Reilly admitted that “they didn’t seem as crazy as some of these other college kids…” when it was done.

It’s doubtful that O’Reilly’s viewers will see it that way as they yell at the TV for those damn kids to get off their lawn but for everyone outside of the Fox News bubble, this was just embarrassing for Watters and his obnoxious bullying.

Here’s the cringe-inducing video:

Featured image via screen cap.