Bill Maher Announces Sarah Palin Is Becoming A Rapper, And He Has Video Proof (VIDEO)

Bill Maher and his guests took an opportunity during Bill’s show Real Time, to delight in the many failings of the most unsuccessful half-term governor in American history: Sarah Palin.

This night, like many others, was not kind to Caribou Barbie. Bill and the guests began with a criticism of Trump for continuing to use Sarah Palin as his media mouthpiece. Bill compared Sarah to the “Billy Bass” talking fish decoration in an amazingly accurate way: “The novelty has worn off, we can’t remember why it was fun to begin with, and yet it keeps talking and quite frankly, it looks like it’s on meth.”

After some accurate criticisms of Palin, Bill made his way into the announcement that Sarah is actually becoming a rapper. He’d noticed recently that Sarah’s speeches have been taking on something of a “different” tone, and they included a lot of rhyming words, showing examples in a video clip he had prepared.

As if the video was not hilarious enough, Bill then presented Sarah’s debut rap album, The Miseducation of Sarah Palin, with a track list that includes “Boyz In My Daughter,” “Me, So Honky,” and “Fear Of A Black Planet (No Seriously, I’m Terrified Of Black People).”

While we can all sit and laugh at the daily exercise in embarrassment that is Sarah’s life, it does highlight an important point. The person who is probably going to be the Republican presidential nominee had the poor judgement to not only accept her endorsement, but he literally took her with him on the campaign. It’s like 2008 all over again. Why doesn’t anyone understand how bad she is?

For Trump to one day announce that his entire campaign was an elaborate prank to embarrass republicans would be hilarious, but not surprising. It’s the only way to explain it.

Watch the funniest compilation of Sarah Palin in months below:

Featured image via video screen capture