Bernie Sanders Wins Wyoming Primary

The winning streak continues for Bernie Sanders.

Wyoming has just joined the ranks of seven out of the last eight states which have voted in the Democratic Primaries. Since March 15th, when Hillary Clinton swept five states, Bernie Sanders’ campaign has recouped the momentum after winning Utah, Idaho, Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington by large margins, and taking Wisconsin on April 5th, despite initially being down in the polls in that state.

Bernie Sanders has won 8 out of the last 9 states.  As of 9:43 PM EST With 100 percent reporting, Sanders has 55.7 percent, while Clinton has 44.3 percent. Each candidate won 7 delegates.

Wyoming only has fourteen delegates, but the victory provides further momentum for the Bernie Sanders campaign to make a strong push going into a key primary in New York. A victory there could give Bernie Sanders the push he needs to win the Democratic presidential nomination. He is currently down roughly 200 pledged delegates after Hillary Clinton built a substantial delegate lead in the South. With her best states behind her, Bernie Sanders has slowly chipped away at that lead since March 15th.

Whether you are a Bernie Sanders supporter, Hillary Clinton supporter, or still teetering between the two candidates, what Bernie Sanders’ campaign has accomplished so far is amazing. Income and wealth inequality has never received this much attention in recent years, and calls for getting money out of politics have never been greater. Excitement and passion of Americans to participate in the Democratic process of voting are unprecedented. Attending campaign rallies for Bernie Sanders, where thousands of people passionately gather in favor of real progressive reforms and changes is something every Democrat SHOULD take pride in no matter how unsavory the debate over who is a better presidential candidate, because both will easily hand the Republicans a loss come November.

Featured Image Courtesy of Flickr