Arizona Republican’s Vote Against Airplane Seat Comfort Hilariously Bites Him In The Ass (IMAGE)

This is pure gold that perfectly demonstrates that Republicans don’t give a damn about a problem until they experience it personally.

On Thursday, Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake joined his conservative colleagues in voting down an amendment that would have put an end to the airline industry practice of reducing the size of seats in order to cram as many passengers as possible into planes in a clear move that puts profit over the comfort of customers.

According to the Washington Post, the amendment would have “empowered the FAA to set new standards, in consultation with experts, for seat dimensions that maintain “the safety, health and comfort of passengers.”

And as usual, Republicans sided with the lobbying arm of the airlines and killed the amendment. But one Republican already humiliatingly regrets his vote against the measure.

After boarding a flight and taking his seat, Flake discovered that his own legroom was seriously impeded and trying to use his laptop was even more uncomfortable.

So, he took a picture and posted it to Twitter. “Okay, so perhaps my vote against this bill was a tad impetuous,” Flake wrote.

Here’s the post via Twitter.

This is a fantastic example of a Republican experiencing what it is like when karma comes knocking at your door to teach you a lesson, especially since Twitter users couldn’t resist roasting Flake and Republicans for voting against the amendment.

Here are just a few of the hilarious responses.

Flake should have thought more about this issue before just casting a vote against the amendment for the sake of voting against anything that might make the lives of the people easier and less frustrating. Instead, he only regretted his vote after dealing with uncomfortable airline seating first-hand, which has become a typical Republican trait.

If every Republican experienced losing a child to gun violence, we would have gun control immediately. If every Republican experienced being denied healthcare, universal healthcare would be a reality. If every Republican experienced the pain of sending their child to fight in a war, the hawks would turn into doves. If every Republican were paid minimum wage, they would vote for a national raise instantaneously. And if every Republican had to ride coach when they fly, they would vote in favor of more legroom on airlines. Or at the very least, they would regret their opposition to each of these measures.

Sadly, until more Republicans experience the realities that Americans live with every day, we can expect them to keep obstructing until they get personally fired by voters who decide not to sit and take it anymore.

Featured image via Twitter