Scarlett Johansson Rips Republicans A New One For Trying To Kill Planned Parenthood

The Black Widow just delivered a super smackdown of Republicans for messing with women’s health.

Republicans on the federal and state level have repeatedly assaulted Planned Parenthood for years now, with some GOP-controlled states actually going so far as to strip funding from the women’s healthcare provider, rendering them helpless to provide services that women need.

The attacks against Planned Parenthood stem from the Republican effort to ban abortion and punish anyone who gets one or performs one, even though the procedure is legal and a constitutionally protected right.

But in trying to destroy Planned Parenthood, Republicans are also taking away crucial medical serives such as cancer screenings. STD treatments, and access to the contraception that would prevent abortions in the first place by preventing unwanted pregnancies.

And that makes Republicans a bunch of evil anti-women villains who need a serious ass-kicking.

During an interview with Cosmopolitan on Thursday, Johansson provided that ass-kicking by defending Planned Parenthood.

She began by criticizing Republicans for focusing so much on defunding Planned Parenthood when there are so many problems in the world that need immediate attention.

“There are countries at war, there’s terrorism, global warming, and we’re like, ‘We should definitely cut the budget for Planned Parenthood. Let’s take away the availability of women’s health initiatives!’… It’s nuts,” Johansson said. “We’re talking about preventing cervical and breast cancers.”

Johansson also explained that she and some of her friends have relied on Planned Parenthood for their healthcare needs and blasted Republicans for trying to take away the only healthcare that millions of women have access to and can afford, and if they lose it, women who need an abortion will risk their lives to get one.

“Growing up, I used [PP’s] services. All my girlfriends did—not just for birth control but for Pap smears and breast exams. You read about the rise of back-alley abortions, women having to mutilate themselves and teenagers having to seek help in unsafe conditions, and for what?! We’re moving backward when we’re supposed to be moving forward.”

Johansson just stood up on behalf of women and wiped the floor with Republicans in real life and you can watch her kick ass on the big screen as the Black Widow when Captain America: Civil War arrives in theaters on May 6, 2016.

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