Teacher Unbelievably DEFENDS Punching Autistic 11-Yr-Old Hard Enough To Give Him A Concussion (VIDEO)

Milton Parker, a former paraprofessional (like a teacher but not quite) from New York, is currently defending punching an 11-year-old autistic student so hard that the child suffered a concussion. His defense? It was a “reflexive action.”

That might fly if Parker was facing an adult but he was facing an 11-year-old sitting in the cafeteria of PS 225, located in Brooklyn.

Here’s the disturbing video:

The parents of the student are suing Parker for $5 million because they say their son is now afraid to go into school buildings and has to be homeschooled. As the parent of an autistic child, I can attest that one horrible incident can leave that kind of impact and as the parent of a non-autistic child as well, I can attest that it’s MUCH harder for an autistic child to get over a traumatic incident. Finally, I can fully attest that if a teacher hit my son like that, they’d be lucky if I stopped at a “concussion.”

After punching the child, Parker was charged with felony assault (but plead down to misdemeanor assault) and put in for retirement (perhaps sensing that he had become a danger to children?) but maintains he did nothing wrong:

Milton Parker, who is being sued along with the city by the parents of Anatoly Veltman, said the blow he delivered was a “reflex” act in response to the boy hitting him first.

“Who gets hit and doesn’t respond?” Parker told The Daily News. “The kid punched me in the eye first and as a reflex he got hit back.”

“I knew it was on camera,” Parker, 59, said. “If it was intentional, I would have taken him to another room and beaten the snot out of him.”

Perhaps Parker is mistaking “in anger” for “as a reflex”? Because we’ve all seen people lash out as a startled reflex followed by immediate remorse and concern for the person they hit. Watching that video, his body language is less “Oh crap! I’m sorry!” and more “Yeah, you had that coming, punk!” If I were Parker, I would not be happy that video exists because he’s going to have to convince a jury that he felt bad about throwing a full strength punch at a little kid.

God luck with that, you prick.

Featured image via WABC screen capture