Did Anonymous Just Release Records PROVING Ted Cruz Ordered Prostitutes Through DC Madam? (SCREENSHOTS)

Right-wing blogs are buzzing with what they view as absolute proof that Ted Cruz availed himself of the “DC Madam’s” services while business was still booming on the elite prostitution front. Recently, Rachel Maddow reported that Deborah Palfrey’s former attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley, is ready to spill the beans on the previously-unreleased clients who were not outed as part of the original investigation. He has been in possession of these records for years, but has been prevented via restraining order from releasing them.

Hundreds of names have been released, but Sibley is in possession of hundreds more — and at least one of them, he says, could alter the 2016 presidential race. To date, he has not named the person or people who made an appearance in the records, but he is adamant about releasing them. Not only has the lawyer filed a request with the Supreme Court to be released from the order that prevents him from making this information public, but he has vowed to release it illegally if need be. He has also set up a “dead man’s switch” that will release the information if something happens to him that prevents him from taking action for a period of 72 hours.

Many have speculated that Ted Cruz is the name on the list, given the recent National Enquirer piece that “outed” five alleged Cruz mistresses — including Donald Trump’s current mouthpiece Katrina Pierson. Previously, Anonymous threatened to release evidence that Cruz frequented prostitutes — and on April 1, an account that claimed to be associated with the hacktivist collective did indeed tweet out a now-deleted image purporting to show Cruz among the many, many phone numbers contacted by Palfrey.

ted cruz sex calls

First, there is no evidence to show that the account is in any way related to Anonymous. Additionally, it seems as though this alleged phone record may be a fake. A closer look at the image shows a rather suspicious typo on the “Date of invoice.” Specifically, it is 120/01, a date which does not exist — period.


There’s also the matter of the 1:32 call between 7:19 and 7:35 pm in a list that is otherwise chronological:


While it is entirely possible that the records are accurate, and that the records simply contain typos, and while it is convenient and even appetizing to immediately say “BOOM — GOTCHA” after viewing these records, it does not appear that these are legitimate. While there is almost certainly something slimy in the Evangelical Christian’s past that will ultimately end him, this image (which was released on April Fools’ Day) is likely a fabrication that should be taken with the same grain of salt with which people should take everything conservatives say in general.

What involvement, if any, did Cruz have with the DC Madam? It looks like we’re still going to have to wait a while.

Featured image via screengrab/photoshop