Trump Lies To His Supporters, Claims CBS Edited His Words To Make Him Look Bad

Donald Trump has once again decided to lie to his supporters and accuse a major news network of editing his words to explain away his abortion views.

Last week, Trump took five different stances on abortion. First, he said women who have them should be punished. Then he said it should be left up to the states. After that, he changed his mind again and “clarified” his original statement by saying doctors who perform abortions should be punished. His fourth position came when he gave an interview for CBS’s Face The Nation and claimed that he wouldn’t do anything to change abortion laws because the Supreme Court has already decided on their legality with Roe v Wade.

When the media said,”Wait a second…Trump just took a pro-choice stance on abortion by declaring it should remain legal,” his campaign put out a statement saying he would, in fact, try to outlaw it with judicial appointments — taking his fifth abortion position of the week.

Well, on Saturday while speaking at a rally in Racine, Wisconsin, the Republican frontrunner implied that CBS edited words out of his statement in an attempt to smear him. According to CNN:

“They can take something you say and turn it around. Like I will be on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation.’ What I said was perfect,” Trump explained, adding, “What I said was so good. It was so perfect. And they looked and said, ‘Oh, maybe he should have added a word.'”

“Well, actually the way it came out, they took words out that I said,” he added. “The only reason I tell you this is because I want you to watch it. If I did something wrong, I wouldn’t want you to watch it.”

Clearly, his words were not as “perfect” as he thought since he now feels the need to explain them away by lying to his supporters. He went on to say that the media often edits his words:

“The problem is they don’t do it with everybody. They do it with me. But I don’t see them doing it with other people.”

Wow! It’s pretty convenient that the media only edits him, don’t you think?

CNN apparently reached out to CBS for comment and a spokeswoman said,”nothing in that section he reference was edited.” That’s exactly the same response that MSNBC had last week when Trump accused them of the very same thing.

It is amazing that this guy can literally lie all the time and his supporters don’t care at all. It’s even funnier when these same supporters turn around and call President Obama a liar. It’s almost as if they live in an alternate reality, isn’t it?

Featured image via Ian MacNicol/Getty Images