Armed Black Protesters Chase Off Anti-Muslim Cowards (VIDEO)

This is either really funny or a dangerous escalation. A group of armed “patriots” that have been showing up to mosques to terrorize Muslims going to pray were scared off by a larger group of armed African American counter-protesters:

Racial tensions in South Dallas almost exploded at an anti-mosque protest Saturday afternoon before quickly dissolving when the protesters retreated.

A few hundred South Dallas residents, mostly black, flooded Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to oppose a planned demonstration by a mostly white group that routinely protests outside mosques.

Both sides were armed.

The mosque in question was a predominately black one and the counter-protesters were chanting “Black Power” at the ‘Murikan protesters.

Unfortunately, the counter-protesters included members of the New Black Panther Party. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, it’s a group of pretenders to the legacy of the Black Panthers that spread anti-white bigotry, something the Black Panthers did not do (much). This is why a counter-protest to protect a mosque became racialized. While I have no doubt most of the protesters were racist as well as anti-Muslim, shifting the focus away from the religious bigotry to racism doesn’t help Muslims in the long run. It does, however, help the NBPP and their message of anti-white hate.

But although I don’t approve of the bigotry, I do approve of the counter-protest. Ammosexuals have been terrorizing people for far too long and it was nice to see them show their true colors when their victims have guns, too. Liberals have been not-exactly-joking that black people need to start carrying rifles to push back against the targeting of their communities and, unsurprisingly, it worked.

The problem is that Fox News and right wing media is going to explode over this. Nothing gets ratings like scary black people threatening innocent whites just defending their country blablabla. The racism will flow thick and heavy and “some people” will ask if this is the beginning of Sharia Law in America and the ISIS takeover.

The original protesters, “BAIR” (the Bureau of American Islamic Relations, a silly play on CAIR, a Muslim group) is going to scream “persecution” and beg for help “fighting” the evil Muslims/scary black people. The next protest will be far larger, with more guns and filled with people just aching for a gun fight to break out. The potential for bloodshed will be a nightmare for the police.

Keep an eye on Texas, this could get real ugly, real quick.

Here’s the video:

Featured image via screencap