Trump’s Spokeswoman FLIPS OUT On CNN: ‘It Was A Complete Misspeak!’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump ignited a firestorm on Wednesday when he told MSNBC’s Chris Matthew’s that abortion should be banned and women should be punished for having them. When he realized that people were flipping their lids, he backtracked and said he meant doctors should be punished. Now his campaign spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, is adding to the controversy after she yelled at CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota Thursday morning for repeating Trump’s words — verbatim.

During the interview, Pierson became visibly angry when Camerota asked her about Trump wanting to ban abortions. She told the host that her boss “never called for a ban on abortion.” Actually, he did. Several times during his interview with MSNBC, and Camerota pointed that out by repeating his exact words:

“He said, ‘I would ban it.’ Katrina, You are mincing words here.”

Pierson responded:

“This is a misspeak, Alisyn. No Alisyn, there was a misspeak here, and you have a presidential candidate that clarified the record. Not once, but twice.”

Although he did “clarify” his abortion position, his clarification was just as, “confusing. First, he said it should be up to the state. Then he said…”

At this point Pierson completely lost it, cutting the host off, she shouted:

“No, they weren’t confusing! Because the first thing was about a ban. That’s correct and that’s correct, it should be down to the states because that’s what the potential ban was talking about.”

Unfazed by her anger, the CNN host continued to repeat Trump’s words back to her, demolishing her “it was about the states” talking point. She also muses that it is a “window” into Trump’s mind and asks the spokeswoman if he has even bothered to sit down with policy advisors and discuss this issue. After about a minute of back and forth with the CNN host refusing to let Pierson glass over the fact that he said women should be punished if they terminate a pregnancy, the Trump puppet repeated:

“It was a misspeak! How many times do I have to say that? This was a complete misspeak during a conversation over a hypothetical concept and there was a clarification issue.”

Here’s the problem with this “it was a misspeak” nonsense: Trump has obviously never considered the ramifications of his “pro-life” stance and Matthews shone a glaring light on that. The entire point of the question was to see whether or not the blustering “tough guy” had actually sat down and laid out a concrete agenda on the issue of women’s rights, his response showed that he clearly has not. Furthermore, Trump and his people can say that he is

Furthermore, Trump and his people can say that he is pro-life all they want, but nobody actually believes that. He did not just change his mind this year, he has always been pro-choice, but he isn’t saying that because he wants to appease the right-wing’s base. It’s actually pretty ironic, someone who puts on this big show of not caring what other people think and refusing “to be politically correct” is too afraid to stand up for his own beliefs. And if he can’t do that for himself, what makes Republicans think he could do it for the country?

Watch the interview below:


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