Conservatives Frothing At The Mouth Over Disney’s ‘War’ On Christianity

There was literally no chance that the religious right wasn’t going to scream bloody murder over Georgia Governor Nathan Deal vetoing an anti-LGBT bill, but they’re taking it a little bit worse than I’d expected:

The group Texas Values released an angry statement after Georgia’s governor, Nathan Deal, announced Monday that he would veto so-called “religious liberty” legislation. Disney and other companies had threatened to boycott the state if the governor signed the bill into law.

“Will Disney now ban you from wearing a cross outside your shirt at their parks?” Texas Values president Jonathan Saenz fumed. “Will a Catholic priest be forced to remove his white collar when he takes a picture with Mickey Mouse? This is how extreme the attacks now are on religious freedom, it’s a zero tolerance policy for religious freedom.”

Because everyone knows that wearing symbols of your faith is EXACTLY the same as openly discriminating against people you don’t like. Once again, religious conservatives are confusing religious freedom with the freedom to impose their religion on others.

I probably shouldn’t be surprised that the veto is sending conservative Christians into a blind rage. They were just told that sopping up to religious fanatics is less important to Republicans than sopping up to big corporations. That must come as a shock to the religious right that’s spent decades distorting Christianity so conservatives would worship the rich and allow Corporate America to do whatever it wants with “God’s” blessing.

Finding out that you’re a useful idiot and that you’ve been tossed aside has to sting a little.

But Corporate America is concerned with profit and there is no profit in continuing to discriminate against the LGBT community. Quite the opposite as pro-LGBT boycotts are far more expensive than anti-LGBT boycotts. That’s kind of what happens when you’re on the losing side of a culture war issue: You lose. And you keep losing until all of your wailing and gnashing of teeth is a buzzing in the background. It’s the same buzzing that helps me sleep at night along with a tall, warm glass of conservative tears.


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